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3 steps to boost your inner confidence at work

Do you sometimes think 'I wonder how I got here?' Do you look confident to others yet feel inside a bit of a fraud or scared you will get found out that you aren't quite the expert everyone thinks you are? I've been there. It's such a magnificent feeling being surrounded by peers and knowing you do a good job. It's empowering knowing you got the job done, communicated articulately and delivered. Yet at times you feel you lack confidence but others around you would never believe it! Even though you seem successful at work and have evidence to prove that you are a success, you still wonder how you do it and sometimes feel overwhelmed that you can keep performing day after day. Try these three steps to boost your inner confidence and stay ahead of the game -

Step 1 - Have a daily achievement list at the end of your working day. The purpose of this is a reverse of your start of your day 'to do list'... we all know that time can just get in the way and many things don't get done off your to do list. You can get overwhelmed as these jobs now have to go onto your tomorrow's to do list! OMG you already feel defeated... Rather than focus on what you haven't got done by the end of your working day make a list of the things you have DONE that day. This will force your mind to go through all of the achievements you have done that day - even if they are not on your 'to do list'... the act of writing it down and getting into the practice of doing it on a daily basis will help to feed your mind with evidence to show you are achieving results - daily - and this will contribute to boosting your inner confidence.

Step 2 - Create a document - journal, notebook - called your career achievement log. Mentally go back to your very first job - part time, school holiday job - list out every single achievement in each of your jobs up until today. This will take time so allow yourself some time every day until you have completed to today's achievements. Keep going back and adding achievements as you remember them. Step back in time and imagine yourself then and how proud you were when you did those things - getting your first job, how did you feel and what emotions did it bring up? I bet you smile... When your self doubt comes up get this log out and read. Our mind works in an automatic way. We need to feed our mind and thoughts with evidence of our achievements. You did these things even when you thought you couldn't. This will give you an instant boost.

Step 3 - Reach out Feeling isolated and fearful can be lonely. Not speaking to people about it or putting on a facade of being fearless and in-control will take its toll. Stress isn't funny and manifests differently in everyone - some may turn to booze, some may get sick continuously, some may slack off work and lose popularity and ultimately their job - so being honest and finding someone to reach out to can lessen the burden. Having a mentor is an exceptional support. Asking for help in work - someone who has more experience, is non-judgmental, that you admire - boosts your confidence in the asking let alone makes the mentor feel great to take you under their wing. Join a support network in person or closed Facebook group and form friendships. Usually the people you connect with will have gone through or are going through the same thing and can support and offer guidance. Of course, get a Life Coach. Life Coaching does work and there are some fantastic career coaches or coaches specialising in the area you want to focus on.

These 3 simple steps are your's and even if you want to stay silent and keep your insecurities to yourself, follow steps one and two - these will help you overcome any self doubt when it starts to creep in.



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