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How curious are you?

People often assume that others have interests and passion about something... The football fanatics and sporting people who follow every game/race with unabridged enthusiasm and unwavering optimism. The die hard political commentators we meet at parties who have a full on opinion and tell you at every chance meeting. One of my clients said she had zero spark and that there was nothing at all that made her sit up and think or that she could be passionate about. She wasn't sad about this as it was something that had never been in her life or thinking. During our sessions we uncovered her perfectionist 'closed' nature and she began to open up to possibilities that surround her in everyday life. The results were that her circle expanded and she relaxed into new ideas and possible adventures.

If you read or follow me you will often hear or read about 'curious' and my love of this word and action.

Being curious doesn't necessarily mean what your interests or hobbies are. It's more a way of thinking than an action. Many of us have lost a lot of our curiosity through routine and familiarity of our daily tasks.

Being curious helps us look at things outside of our world as we know it. You may be feeling fine with life and happy with your lot or you may be feeling that life needs to change or be enhanced for you to feel happier. No matter what has sparked thinking about how you feel I suggest that you start to be CURIOUS about what else there could be for you.

Curiosity opens up our world , our imagination can go crazy because it's only being curious it's not requiring any action - YET.

Being curious may help you start to realise your own POTENTIAL.

Bringing curiosity into your life as part of your self care routine will be beneficial to you from so many perspectives. Being curious will help you look inward and assist in your work to seek clarity about what you want and who you want to be - what type of parent you want to be, what type of person at work you want to be, the lover you want to be, the sister you'd like to be...

Here are my tips for bringing out your CURIOUS self -

Ask yourself -

What would you do if money was no object?


What makes your heart sing?

What are you doing when you get lost in time/you lose track of time?

Start to look with fresh eyes at the world around you - partner, kids, friends, colleagues - listen with intent and don't jump in with your first thought allow others' opinions to be heard and understood;

​Take a different route to work or on a routine journey. Notice what you like and don't like about this area and what sparks your interest;

Keep asking questions at work, play, home - become a bit of a Sherlock Holmes and don't just listen to the news, start asking 'why is that so?'and find out;

When you socialise make an effort to ask questions about others and what keeps them ticking - something may just light a spark in you and this could be an opportunity to start getting curious about something you had never before thought of...

Working out what you might like to be curious about might seem like a bit of a task. Someone once said to me 'If you want to see what you are curious about work what you talk about and what really keeps you interested after you have had a couple of glasses of wine'. For the friend that likes a drink, try it for yourself - I find it very enlightening...

So what are you waiting for - get CURIOUS.

Bye for now.


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