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Your Retirement Plan

Next Chapter Living's 6 step guide to your retirement and how you can start focusing on what you want, how you will achieve your aims and who you will share your next chapter with ends with a worksheet for you to go through so that you can start planning and taking action.

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I have also added in the Values List which you will find helpful when working out the values you have and live by.

When I was in Sydney last weekend I had conversations with friends and it really cemented to me the need to look at all aspects not only wealth and financial BEFORE we retire. Friends who are not yet 50 are asking these questions and starting to plan how they can have a more fulfilling life outside of their work identity when they are 50+.

No matter your position in life, your wealth status, your family situation or life orientation, doing this work for YOU will help you gain clarity and focus for what you want in the next chapter of your life.

As a brief summary we have covered -

1. Retirement Reality - What it means to you, your visualisation of retirement;

2. The Stress associated with retirement and moving on from full time work or primary carer roles;

3. Your identity and the need to seek new opportunities and explore possibilities;

4. Your health and well-being at 50+ - Making new habits and clearing out old ways to make way for a strong and fit next chapter;

5. Social aspects of moving away from work - Creating new networks and maintaining and expanding existing relationships that serve you;

6. Looking at Your Retirement Plan and making this a project to return to regularly so that you stay on course for the life you want.

I hope you have found this series helpful and I would value any feedback if you haven't already done so.

We are all work in progress no matter our age. I challenge you to keep re-evaluating, course correcting, engage your curiosity and above all remember it's never too late to be great.

Until next time when I will be sharing valuable insight into our relationships and how we can make them more rewarding.

Take care,