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What is life coaching, why have I developed a program for the over 50's and what can you expect?

Read this with a nice cuppa or glass of something...

Life Coaching is about facilitating transformation in someone or a group to help them move from where they are now to where they want to be. A Life Coach asks questions that the client rarely asks themselves and brainstorms ideas, promotes clarity and guides the client through life's challenges. A Life Coach is with you in a non judgmental capacity to hold you accountable for achieving your goals, overcoming obstacles and honouring the commitment you have to yourself. A Life Coach knows that you already have the answers and uses the tools and experience they have to bring out your authentic self.

That is what Life Coaching is about. It isn't another therapy or a whinging session it's a support mechanism so that you, the client can get to know yourself, find out what you really want from life and how you intend to make it all happen. Life Coaching is never a replacement or a solution to mental health issues and as such should a Life Coach ever feel that their are medical issues with the client, the client will always be referred to another professional for the appropriate care.

A great Life Coach is someone who is passionate about life, someone who inspires, someone who walks the walk, someone who lives their values and someone who guides you not tells you what to do. Life Coaching is around 25 years old. It stems from sports coaching.

I am a qualified Life Coach with the Life Coaching Institute of Australia and LOVE coaching. It makes me feel alive. It is something I intend to do for the rest of my life in some way shape or form.

My desire to work with people 50 years and older comes from the life changes I have personally gone through over the past couple of years and the way I now feel as a parent. When I left the work force 2 years ago I also moved away from friends and an identity I had had all my working career in Australia. Whilst I was moving into my own business and also embarking on motherhood, I had no real idea how this would impact on my life. I am not an introvert, I enjoy the company of others and there I was working at our business 7 days a week with a new born basically on my own (no disrespect to my partner and his mother, I was used to managing people and buildings and meeting deadlines and basically living the corporate identity). I did not find any of this difficult I found it FRUSTRATING and that manifested itself into disappointment with myself. I wanted to do it ALL.

I didn't see anyone for a decent conversation for weeks on end, I felt no gratification from what I was doing, I let my partner do his thing and just assumed I did mine - my life had changed so much. I liked it but I felt ODD. I seemed to have achieved my goal and this was what my success looked like on paper but the reality was it wasn't what I had imagined!

I decided to start and re-ignite my zest for life and re-assess what it was I wanted from life. I began by working on myself and as a qualified Life Coach starting being my own Life Coach.

I renewed some training and also engaged a coach which really enlightened me... the main outcome was that I had been here (my business, new baby, a new home in a new location) for a whole year but I hadn't really arrived! Profound is not the word.

What I am offering is in no way a 'one size fits all' solution to your problems and fears. Your life is as unique as you are. What you will get are tips, hints, guidance and tools so that you can implement the ones you feel you need into your life. I am embarking on this journey with you and gifting this program for people aged 50 upwards which is aimed at -

Retirement Reality - For those thinking of life after retiring or life after the kids have left home we will review what it looks like for you and see how 'real' this will be and if you have already retired understand why your dream may not be working out like you hoped it would;

Stress - Get real on those fears and fantasies of the post-career/family phase of your life and engage you to look at some perceptions that could be standing in your way or allowing you to view your future life with rose tinted glasses;

Identity - Being employed or a stay at home parent gives you an identity. How will you introduce yourself once you leave this identity behind? Identity can destroy peoples' confidence and create barriers which are hard to shift. We will look at ways you can clarify where you want to go and what you want to do with your time - a career change, a totally new path or interest so that you can move forward with the life you want;

Health and well-being - When we turn 50 our bodies start to change whether we like it or not. It's not just about our physical well-being it's also about our mental ability and attitude. When the kids leave home or when you go part time at work you may believe that you will start a gym membership or join a walking group and somehow be motivated to keep fit ... This is not always the case. Just because you have time on your hands does not mean you will automatically get motivation! We will look at ways to Inspire you to start new good habits, create new opportunities for health and explore what you can do to truly make this the best part of your life;

Social interaction- Too often getting to this stage in life makes us believe that retirement is the ultimate goal in life only to be the opposite for many making them feel isolated and alone. Leaving work means we will be around fewer people on a daily basis! Wow, that's obvious but makes you think doesn't it? For many, this is hard to adjust to. We will look at how you can invest in your relationships and ways to build new relationships that play a positive role in your life.

Let's also not forget the person you may currently share your life with - your partner/spouse/friend - let's look at ways we can help ensure your relationship survives this transition. Or for those who are embarking on a single later life - newly single or always have been, let's build confidence, get those networking vibes out and get you to a place you want to be at.

So, let's start this ball rolling. No matter what your circumstances, no matter if you are 50 or 55 or 65 or 70, let's start looking at making this next chapter in your life one worth LIVING.

Keep you eyes open for my next post talking about retirement reality and what being 50+ may mean for you.

Bye for now.

Dawn x

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NSW, Australia