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Can you handle your retirement?

I hope you managed to spend at least an hour on your 'dream' retirement vision. I also hope that you managed to review it and tweek it so that it really was a perfect vision of what you see for your future. Many pre-retirees or those who haven't done any work to see what they want and where they want to go in retirement just brush this work aside because they feel they have no control over it. I believe that's wrong, you do have control.

Now comes the reality and some questions I would like you to ask yourself -

1. Do I trust myself enough that I can life this dream life? 2. What choice/s can I make right now to get the wheels in motion for my dream to become a reality? 3. How much do I really want this dream?

Question 3 is so powerful because unless you really really want it you won't work hard at getting it and chances are that dream will not become a reality.

Visualisation of what you want in life is something I feel very strongly about. I myself believe that I am living my dream because I visualised and took time and put energy into consciously implanting my vision into my head. I am no expert in psychology but I know it works for me.

I want you to try and do that too. Every day look at a reminder of what YOU want in life, for your retirement and what you want in your life. Remind yourself of what you want for YOU. You can do this by writing down your vision, by drawing, by creating a vision board or just a place a saying on your PC screen that takes you to your mindset of getting that dream - everyone is different so try one or all of these visualisation techniques. My two ways are - 🔸I left a reminder in the form of a pin board with what I wanted (a very basic vision board) at my bedroom door. Everytime I left that room I was face to face with my dreams; 🔸 I love to go to bed and start thinking what my ideal day will be like in retirement - wake up at 7am, do yoga with a friend, come home to my son...etc...... It puts me to sleep but not in a boring way!

A journey starts with a single step and this is yours... you are on a path of stepping stones. I am here to help you walk that path.

It's time to trust in yourself... only you can make your dreams come true. 😍

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