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Questions, Questions, Questions

Is this really the foundation of a life coach's offering? As a Life Coach I know you have the answers to the questions you are scared to ask yourself - this fear of not knowing where to start could be stopping you from being your true self.

Do you ask yourself questions every day? Are you to scared to move out of your safe zone and dig deeper for meaningful answers? Are you happy stumbling through life without questioning yourself?

Questions help us all look closer and deeper into what we feel, think and how we respond to life and it's challenges. Questions make us more aware of our actions or in action and they can be powerful and extremely helpful.

So, I ask you right now -

'What excites and inspires you?' Make a list

Now that you have your list what are you willing to do less of or remove from your life so that you can do more inspiring and exciting things? What is the one thing that stops you doing these inspiring and exciting things?

And, before you say 'money' I agree that money gives you flexibility however don't let it dictate what you can and can't do!

Name 3 things that you could do over the next 6 days to get you closer to doing these inspiring and exciting things?

Questions like these open up your mind allowing you to think outside the space you have always thought in.

Don't block yourself by making your exciting and inspiring wishes too difficult to achieve. Start small and work up... once you see some movement in your thoughts and start doing some of these things you will be motivated to reach even further. Applying small changes over time is the key.

So, never underestimate the value of questions. A Life Coach will take you out of your comfort zone and ask sometimes brutal questions to promote greater thinking and evoke emotion but you don't need to wait until you are ready to engage a Life Coach - start now by coaching yourself by asking questions and playing out 'What if...' scenarios.

Give it a go and see where the humble question will take you.

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