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Stop comparing your life to others

Everyone plays life's cards differently. Your life's journey will never be the same as someone else's so why do you keep comparing your life to someone else's?

I still fall into the comparing trap when I see friends succeed at things, when friends in business do great posts on their Insta or FB page, when I see friends network with ease and see some interact so well with the community around them - I think I can do better and why aren't I like them? Then I stop and think...

It's all too easy to let outside influences dictate how you should really be living your life - feeling like you are not as good as 'them'. As for my friends, I should be admiring them, taking advice and tips from them not letting that green envy run through my head causing me to feel inadequate. Luckily I see the triggers and I course correct to get myself back to positive thinking.

Being positive and focused to move forward with your life is the key. Also, appreciating how far you have come on your journey - take a moment to think about how you got here and and what you have done to positively propel yourself forward then and only then look around you for the next step.

The most empowering thing is deciding that the only one you have to please is yourself. Compete with yourself - set realistic, attainable and rewarding goals and shut out those outside influences, those opinions of others (that may or may not be true) and shine for who you are.

Just because your life's path is different from another's doesn't mean you should beat yourself up. Comparison is a killer - it kills motivation and opens you up to bitterness.

Resisting the urge to compare yourself and your life to that of someone else saves you from 'thinking'that the other persons path is brighter, healthier and better than yours. When you compare are you truly comparing apples for apples? What you think is someones bright and successful path may not be the case. You could be looking at their lives as they are now as opposed to when they were in your current stage of life. You could be comparing your chapter 1 to their chapter 16 - you have little idea of the challenges they faced in their first chapter. Very rarely do you get to know the true story behind their present situation. Remember success is how you define it - no one else.

Learn from others, glean information from them to help propel you, ask them for advice (such a wonderful compliment to pay someone) and follow your path because you are enough - remember that.

Your are unique, You are you, Be you

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