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Direct your life to where YOU want to go

Over the past 13 weeks I have supplied you with the tools to enable you to look at your life, reflect, clarify and get some traction to move forward with the life YOU want to live. Each of these 12 steps is stand alone or when used with the other steps gives you a framework to change your life for the better -

1. Life balance - see where your life is now and reflect; 2. Setting goals - what smart goals are you working on?; 3. What are your core values? - Working on what is non negotiable in your life; 4. Manifest and visualise - Visualising your goal achievement and manifesting its abundance; 5. Your thoughts and managing them - The mind is the body's most powerful asset; 6. Do you know your strengths? - Playing to these builds that mind muscle; 7. Positive relationships - Creating your boundaries and attracting good energy; 8. Building self confidence - Believe in yourself - you can do it; 9. Taking responsibility and accountability - every action has a consequence, own yours; 10. Nourish yourself - You can't build your empire if you don't care for yourself; 11. Let go of what is not serving you - Throw the guilt away and move forward; 12. Purpose - What is it?

This final session consolidates all 12 steps with the focus being on repeat, repeat, repeat - Go back to step 1 and re-evaluate your life using the Wheel of Life, check your goals, refine and re-focus, examine your life to see if you are living by your values, update your vision board and re-write those success stories, check in with your thoughts and banish those negative ones that are holding you back, re-classify your strengths, check if your boundaries have shifted? bring them back in line, what did you do this week to build your confidence?, channel your self care so that you reap the rewards, sit reflect and take note of what isn't serving you right now and let it go then re-confirm that you still have passion in your belly when you do what you feel you must do.

If you are willing to do some serious work on YOU I know that following this 12 step plan will help you to start building the life you want to live.

I mention repeat, repeat, repeat because it is something I have taken from 'The Slight Edge ' and if you get a chance I highly recommend reading 'The Slight Edge ' by Jeff Olson. This book fundamentally changed the way I focus and keeps passion flowing in my life. The book is a life changer for getting simple disciplines into your life which help you succeed and find happiness, I recommend all to read it.

Life coaching does work. I have had the pleasure of working with two wonderful young ladies over the past few months. Both were aware of their issues, are intelligent and hard working. Working with a life coach that helps you focus through weekly sessions, who is there in a non judgmental capacity for you to share your uncertainties and allow yourself to be vulnerable, it isn't an easy step to take however the rewards are life changing. I know these two ladies are so glad they chose life coaching and I know I am glad they chose me. You too can choose me to be your life coach - PM for more information or check out my website

Next week we delve deeper into letting go of guilt that you carry with you... this topic gets a lot of questions raised around it and I want you to know it's ok to let go and I'll show you how.

Until then friends, bye bye.


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