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Are you a Victor or Victim? - Taking ownership and responsibility

Ever felt really and truly responsible for your actions, in-action and the tasks you perform? Being a responsible person isn't just about doing the right thing by others its about owning your decisions and behaviour.

Having a job and taking on a project is where you really start to take some responsibility although we are not just talking about work here, we are talking about all aspects of your life. Owning your feelings, thoughts and actions gives you confidence and courage - the feelings of a VICTOR.

Saying you will or won't do something can change over time - as we all know we are allowed to change our minds so what was once a perfect fit may now no longer be needed in your life. Having the confidence and courage to change your opinion or thought is something that comes with taking ownership of your life. Taking ownership of your life brings with it so many tools that you can use without feeling guilty - de-cluttering is a tool that confident people use, standing up for what your action created is something a confident person does... go on and be that confident person.

Taking responsibity of your own behaviour and actions won't happen overnight but until you accept responsibility for your actions it will be difficult to develop self respect or the respect of others.

In life there are Victors and Victims (Thank you Lis Gregory) - Victors = Take responsibility, Have ownership, Are accountable Victims = Blame others, Make excuses, In denial

Be a VICTOR - Taking ownership and responsibility plays a huge role in all our lives especially when we are working towards the life we want - losing weight, getting that dream job, quitting smoking, finding your ideal partner - for you to truly find these things you need to believe that you want what you want, be responsible for committing to the tasks involved and most of all own the journey!

There are huge benefits for taking ownership and responsibility -

1. Taking responsibility is less demanding and takes less effort than blaming problems on others. Taking it on the chin gives you the power - passing the buck passes your power over to others;

2. Blaming others saps your self esteem. Turn around that victim mentality and focus on your thoughts and feelings so that you can change your action to gain your ownership and be the VICTOR;

3. Being aware of your responsibility gives you control;

4. Own the outcome of your actions - stop being afraid of taking action because you fear the consequence. This is a great confidence booster;

5. Take responsibility in everyday life not just the big events in your life and work.

Stop trying to escape from your life - take back control, face up to your problems and look for new options and support.

Move forward and instead of waiting for someone else to act, take charge, take initiative or assume blame take ownership yourself and feel the fear - no one can take you to where you want to go but you.

It's harsh but as Nathaniel Branden said 'No one is coming to save you'

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