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10 tips for a successful 2018 and beyond

If you are like me you will love a little prompt from the great leaders and personal development gurus that surround us. From following so many inspiring individuals here are my top ten tips that I find so helpful in life -

1. Stop being the General Manager of the Universe! You can't control everything and if you try it might start controlling you - let it go;

2. Listen to your intuition. If it feels wrong don't do it;

3. Learn to say 'NO' and stop being a people pleaser. Don't try and justify saying no, 'No' is a complete sentence! Say 'Yes' to you first;

4. Detox your life - remove toxic people first... get rid of them;

5. Hold the space - respond rather than react, there is a huge difference. Reacting can be negative whereas responding is a considered action;

6. Learn to let things go. My friend say's 'Imagine putting those thoughts into a balloon, tie it, hold onto it for a short time then let it go'... move on. You waste too much energy living in the past, whats done is done;

7. Ask yourself 'what if I don't do now will I regret in 10 years time'? - this gets me every time!;

8. Be present. Focus on the now, the moment - try and give that one thing your all even if for 10 seconds. Put your phone or device away from reach at dinner time, allow yourself time to enjoy peace, stillness, your surroundings;

9. Learn to listen not just hear;

10. Take action. Action or in action both have consequences. Take action in a considered way and be accountable for that action. This is both empowering and liberating.

For those who read my posts, I bleat on about living your values as your life will be more rewarding when you align your life with your authentic self. I truly believe these top ten tips are inline with my values, are any of them in line with yours?

Merry Christmas beautiful people.

I will be spending my Christmas time with family and beautiful friends, surrounding myself with love and fun and saying 'thank you'.

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