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Milestone for me - 10 blogs posts!

Instead of posting a blog about areas of coaching I thought I would share with you some of my feelings of success as I hit my 10th blog post! Some may laugh '10th post, how immature I've done heaps!' and that's OK. For me its a huge milestone.

I started the website and the blog for me and my coaching business. It's a way for me to relay information that I absorb and collate over time and that takes me time to scribe, edit and post. Having a 16 month old child, a family business and house to run I am very proud that I decided to commit to this and as I sit here aching for sleep I am also thrilled to conjure up the energy to allow me to put fingers to keyboard. I do practice what I preach and acknowledging the small (to some) achievements is what matters. Giving myself a pat on the back for honoring my commitment is well deserved. Not only am I affirming that I am doing what I said I would do, I have also found the time to do it, juggling timelines and schedules, prioritising and staying one step ahead of myself. Too right I feel proud that I have done this for 10 consecutive weeks!

Working the the virtual world means you have to have self disciple and writing a blog weekly helps with this. I study and try to improve my skills constantly, I apply what I am learning, hearing and feeling to these blog posts with a view to help myself and others. I receive a huge amount of pleasure sending my words out to those who read them and with it gratitude to those that take the time to ponder over them, thank you.

So, try making a commitment and sticking to it - I've done 10 weeks how many can you do? It feels GREAT.

Join me for more information about sticking to your commitments in a FREE session to go through what your commitments really are and if they are serving you - you might be surprised at what you uncover!

Have a great end of the week.


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