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Why wait until 1st January to start a new years resolution?

We all do it, we all have very valid reasons to do it, we all take a deep breath and 'plunge' into the new behaviour with great excitement but ... why do we have to wait for 1st January?

Statistics say that only 8% of people actually stick to their New Year's resolutions! That's only 8%... wow.

Research has shown that health based resolutions fail miserably... why do we think this? Perhaps its because we make such HUGE resolutions. They may be unattainable, hard to track, impossible to sustain or just plain out of reach. I ask you ''Why do this to yourself?'' Life is about constant change. Developing and growing allows us to enrich ourselves and above all change signifies a ''light globe'' moment when we switch on to something else. So, why wait and why change so dramatically in one step... take smaller steps and make it easier on yourself and increase your success rate.

Making small changes consistently will not only give you chance to stick to these changes but also boost your self esteem when you reach these smaller milestones.

So, instead of saying ''I quit eating Carbs" try limiting your carbs from 4pm for 4 weeks, then evaluate your success and then move to another action which brings you closer to your goal

... try it and see how much easier it is to reach attainable goals that you set. And if you derail just pull yourself back on track and start again from 4pm.

You don't have to wait until 1st January for that NEW YOU.

Get changing bad habits for good and see the difference a small shift can make.

Enjoy your Wednesday.


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