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What can I offer you?

As I work through Blog ideas and my thoughts on my life to share with you I found myself wondering ''what does coaching offer?''. Without looking at definitions and theoretical explanations, in my words this is what I can offer you -

- I am a guide. I believe that I am walking with you on the path of life. Imagine going for a long walk with a great friend and confidant. As you wander you discover and appreciate not only the beauty around you but discuss your life, your goals - some fulfilled and others not, your challenges and create 'how to'' ways to tackle those challenges;

- I will show you that you have all of the answers. As a coach I will show you that you have the answers you seek. I am there to help you formulate the real questions to ask yourself so that you can get the right answers;

- I am here to serve you. I will be there for you, I will illuminate the path for you so that you can see the way forward, I will listen to understand and allow you to be curious about what you want;

- I will provide you with a framework for change. Being your guiding light and stimulating your thought processes through good rapport, engaging questioning, supportive problem solving and proven thought patterns.

If you want to get the best out of your life email me for a complimentary mini session you have nothing to lose but 30 minutes of your time and potentially everything to gain.

Happy Halloween friends and I hope I get a chance to talk with some of you soon.

Dawn x

+61 408 532 808

NSW, Australia