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Self awareness

Last weekend I attended a coaching seminar/promotional event by the The Coaching Institute (TCI) - Great couple of days and a thank you to TCI, Matt Lavars and the team.

I booked my place out of interest, to see how an alternate training institution to the one I completed my certification with has to offer and to network. Whilst my initial thoughts were that it would be a high sales pitch and little else I was SO wrong.

Matt Lavars and the TCI team were welcoming, informative and knowledgable.

One of the things

I took from these 2 1/2 days was that we can't help anyone until we know how to help ourselves.

How true this is.

Self awareness is a journey and one that takes commitment from you.

What is Self Awareness? The dictionary states 'conscious knowledge of ones own character and feelings'

Taking action to grow your awareness of you strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, thoughts, motivation and feelings allows you to be more aware of the situations around you, your attitude and actions in these situations.

Knowing yourself can sound a bit touchy feely but it doesn't have to be - I am not a 'hallelujah' type of wannabe evangelist, I am a normal person with goals and values who wants to live the best life as the best version of me - no rainbow unicorns for me!

As a Life Coach working with you to find yourself is just one aspect of how we can develop strategies for your self awareness.

Join me for a complimentary sample session at a time convenient for you.

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