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Are you scared to ask for advice?

I fall into this trap more often than I want to admit! I want to share some concerns and follow the ''a problem shared is a problem halved'' but something stops me ... I don't want to be seen as though I can't cope or that I am weak. I know I give off an aura of being in control and I like having that aura so reaching out to friends is hard for me.

It's not just me because research shows that people are reluctant to ask for advice. We don't want to trouble people as they too have their own life's issues to go through, they may not have the answer and either way we feel that people will think less of us if we ask.

In my past life in the corporate world if someone asked for advice I thought 'more'of them! In fact if you didn't know or were not sure I encouraged asking. To me it showed that people were not afraid to ask therefore didn't fear what the answer might be and asking mean't learning to me... I still think this is the way go.

Building your knowledge base, taking or leaving the advice you receive, building connections with people, having various points of view so that you can build your own assessment and act upon it - learning is about growing.

Not only will you be improving your meaningful knowledge base you will be boosting the confidence of the person you are asking the advice from. If someone asks me for advice I always feel that they have asked me because they respect my opinion - makes me feel good.

So go on, ask for advice - crucial or something minor - and forget about thinking others think less of you. You increase your knowledge and make someone else feel good in the process.

In life coaching we don't offer advice but we work with you to formulate ways to build your knowledge of both yourself and the world around you. Using your thinking to elevate your personal performance helps you can create the best version of yourself.

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