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Building self confidence

Self confidence is something that can be eroded over time or just low at certain times... deeper issues are not the focus of Life Coaching however as a future focused practice we can work to boost and build your self confidence so that you can get closer to your goals. In bullet point form here is a 12 point check list to help you to boost your self confidence and take on whatever you want in life -

1 - Get dressed - Simple but nothing nicer than feeling fresh, showered, clean, hair washed and styled, pressed clothes and polished shoes. Doesn't need to be an expensive 3 piece suit. Wear it with pride, stand tall and own it!

2 - Change the image of yourself in your head - you may not see yourself as you present yourself! Give your mind a makeover. Walk in the shoes of your peers and look in the mirror at the well presented beautiful person you are.

3 - Knock those negative thoughts on the head and think positive! -When the negative thoughts creep in replace them with a positive one - start small 'I can't do that!' Change to 'I can do anything I put my mind to' then act positive! Give positive energy to your actions. You and those around you will see that positive energy and more will come to you - Law of attraction.

4 - Get to know yourself - journal about your days and review after a month. Make the journal about your thoughts and feelings and what results you get. Review a month later and see if you see any patterns or recurring self sabotaging thoughts and feelings then work on replacing them!

5 - Practice practice practice - if you repeat things you will learn, it will become second nature. Experience is everything. Repeating the positive actions will reinforce your positivity.

6 - Purpose - working out your purpose is an emotional exercise and can take from an hour to many days. Why do you get up every day? What makes you want to be the best you can be? Take a day off and write down what makes you tick. Keep writing and digging deep, you may cry doing this in fact I hope you do. Working on your purpose will re engage your thought processes.

7 - Listen and speak clearly - actively listen in your conversations and communicate clearly. You don't need to say a lot however making it clear will show confidence.

8 - Ask yourself this question 'What if you don't do today will you regret in ten years time?' I have this question on a sticker on my PC screen... a gentle reminder every day.

9 - Note down all of your achievements - big and small and list them all. Again dig deep and list the achievements that made you happy and proud. These are reminders of what you have achieved therefore you can achieve them again. Did you give up smoking? Did you lose weight? Did you not eat meat for a whole week? - be prepared for a long list! Having achievements takes determination and confidence so give yourself a pat on the back.

10 - Exercise - formal or incidental as long as you are consciously doing it you will reap the benefits. Walk to the shop don't drive, take the stairs not lift, push the stroller another block, get off the bus one stop earlier, organise a team event, add ten mins to your existing exercise routine... this is proven to increase endorphin's making you feel happier!

11 - Break down a large task - procrastination is a curse and we all do it I'm sure. List all of your tasks and break into smaller steps and list them. If these smaller steps are still too difficult or big break them down again and when you complete a task tick it off... I'm a firm believer in lists.

12 - Share - it's often difficult to reach out especially if you are a proud person or shy. Check out online communities, talk to family, engage in meaningful conversations with friends, join a club, ask questions - share your experiences and gain knowledge from others. This is quite liberating.

Believe in yourself and as JM Barrie said 'the moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able do it' - Peter Pan

Good luck.


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