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Finding it difficult to let go?

Finding it difficult to let go?

Feeling guilty? Guilt is something that doesn't have to be over something you caused, it can be a feeling that sits with you for no apparent reason.

Do you want to let go of something?

A thought in your head that you know is wrong but you just can't shift it?

Are you going round in circles? Can you not leave the harbour because you are afraid of what you might encounter on the open seas? Pull your anchor up and sail away.

Your limiting beliefs could be holding you back -

You feel guilty about not making others happy

Others always do it better than you

Hard work doesn't pay off

I need to contribute more in life

You can't change other peoples thoughts but you can change your own.

My partner does so much and with ease. He finds it easy to switch modes several times a day and doesn't complain, moan or dramatize it. He is never overwhelmed, It's annoying! I feel like I have to keep up and even if I'm not managing I feel I have to 'look' like I

am - until I check in with myself and say'STOP'.

We have never had a conversation about this because it's all in MY head, no one else's. I need to manage my thoughts.

I feel guilt because I think I am not as good as he is. When I feel guilty I slow down, I don't perform at my optimum, I procrastinate, I start overthinking and under doing. I feel demotivated and the result ends up being that I feel like a failure or fraud. .. does this sound familar?

When I say 'STOP' what I do is change my thought... for want of a cliche I ''turn that frown upside down''.

My thought is that I am not as good as him but if I change this to a positive like 'we make a great team'then I don't feel guilty, I feel part of that team and proud. When I feel proud I walk tall, I stand straight and am strong. Gone are those procrastination ideas, my desire shows itself and then I do what I do best which contributes to our great team effort. Our team works!

So, what is the thought that you want to let go of?

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