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Simplify your life

We all have so much 'going on' some of us say we are just so 'busy' yet can't put the finger on what it is that is keeping us 'busy'. The complexity of life just seems to get in the way! The word 'busy' is an overview of what you are doing... the demands of our life. Being 'busy' can be an excuse at times so that you don't take on more or indeed put off taking the time to try and get 'unbusy'. Sometimes saying you are 'busy' is what you need to say because you feel guilty when you are not 'busy'. I much prefer to know what my 'busy' is. I love having direction and clarity as to what I am busy doing. To help me to gain clarity I try and simplify my life. Whilst simplifying your life won't

Relationships - to nurture or not to nurture...

No matter what our age, relationships - partner/spouse, BFF, work colleague, family, friends or a new acquaintance require nurturing. Relationships are like plants - you need to care for them or they wither and die. Consistently nurturing your relationships with kindness and honesty will allow you to have a meaningful and mutually beneficial connection. Of course there are times when we feel our relationships are no longer serving us, they do not fulfill our expectations, we feel drained by them or we feel 'used' not loved. When these feelings prevent you from having a good connection perhaps its time to move on and release them from your life. Moving on from full time employment or care giv

Your Retirement Plan

Next Chapter Living's 6 step guide to your retirement and how you can start focusing on what you want, how you will achieve your aims and who you will share your next chapter with ends with a worksheet for you to go through so that you can start planning and taking action. Click to download Your Retirement Plan I have also added in the Values List which you will find helpful when working out the values you have and live by. When I was in Sydney last weekend I had conversations with friends and it really cemented to me the need to look at all aspects not only wealth and financial BEFORE we retire. Friends who are not yet 50 are asking these questions and starting to plan how they can have a

Ignite your relationships...

I love how I now have what I believe to be a deeper relationship with a friend I spend a lot of time with in the good old '90's. In those days we were the 'Friends' of our click and she was certainly the Monica (if only for her good looks and wit!). As life moves we all moved and although keeping in touch happened we never really connected after 2010. Life changed for both of us and yet today, we are both on the same path and have come full circle in our personal development. If we were not open to seeing how our lives developed or being open to lapses of time I would never have been part of this amazing woman's journey and life after the 1990's. Nurturing the relationships you cherish is

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