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Are you lonely?

Loneliness can be a debilitating feeling and a feeling that you feel powerless to do anything about. Research in the UK for found 59% of surveyed adults over 52 years of age who say they are in poor health say they feel lonely some of the time or often whereas its only 21% of adults who say they are in excellent health that say they feel lonely some of the time or often. Also, in American research reports focusing on children and young adults indicated that a significant percentage of respondents aged 17 to 25 experienced loneliness. Finally, one study alleged that 35 is the age at which men feel the loneliest. My uptake on these reports are that as an adult many

Questions, Questions, Questions

Is this really the foundation of a life coach's offering? As a Life Coach I know you have the answers to the questions you are scared to ask yourself - this fear of not knowing where to start could be stopping you from being your true self. Do you ask yourself questions every day? Are you to scared to move out of your safe zone and dig deeper for meaningful answers? Are you happy stumbling through life without questioning yourself? Questions help us all look closer and deeper into what we feel, think and how we respond to life and it's challenges. Questions make us more aware of our actions or in action and they can be powerful and extremely helpful. So, I ask you right now - 'What excites a

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