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It's competition time...

This whole marketing and advertising things isn't really my bag but hey, you have to get on the band wagon if you want to create awareness for your service. So here goes... and it's a good one! If you like my blog and posts I am offering four weeks FREE coaching - Yes, 4 weeks at one hour per week for FREE. Be one of the first to like my FB post and share with your friends plus check out my website and subscribe ( between today, tomorrow Thursday 26th April, 2018 and Tuesday 1st May, 2018 and you could be one of three lucky people to coach one on one with me and engage in life coaching with Innerself Coaching - your life, your coach. Here are the steps to go into

Stop comparing your life to others

Everyone plays life's cards differently. Your life's journey will never be the same as someone else's so why do you keep comparing your life to someone else's? I still fall into the comparing trap when I see friends succeed at things, when friends in business do great posts on their Insta or FB page, when I see friends network with ease and see some interact so well with the community around them - I think I can do better and why aren't I like them? Then I stop and think... It's all too easy to let outside influences dictate how you should really be living your life - feeling like you are not as good as 'them'. As for my friends, I should be admiring them, taking advice and tips from them no

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Too much to do, too little time to do it; too many people making demands upon your time, all with conflicting agendas; feelings of overwhelm and anxiety because you can't keep juggling these requests... Sound familiar? When you feel overwhelmed you feel like you are paralysed emotionally where you just feel as though you're unable to handle or cope with what is on your plate right now. Do you feel like you need a magic trick to sort this all out? You are not alone. Your thinking is breaking down. Your problem solving function is not working. Your only action is inaction. Here are some strategies to help you get back on track - - Start to say NO - Sounds easy I know but it is such a powerf

Letting go 101

What is holding you back? Is it you? of course it is... Letting go enables you to gain a greater sense of who you are and what you want. Losing the ties that draw you back can propel you to greater self awareness and reduce anxiety and disappointment. The following are a number of exercises in Letting Go. Take some time and try one or all and see if you can feel lighter and better about being YOU - Letting go of your burden - Are you carrying someone else - in your relationships and family ? Are you in a difficult relationship which no longer serves you but you remain in the relationship because its your duty and you feel you can't change anything? Have you persuaded yourself that you must

Direct your life to where YOU want to go

Over the past 13 weeks I have supplied you with the tools to enable you to look at your life, reflect, clarify and get some traction to move forward with the life YOU want to live. Each of these 12 steps is stand alone or when used with the other steps gives you a framework to change your life for the better - 1. Life balance - see where your life is now and reflect; 2. Setting goals - what smart goals are you working on?; 3. What are your core values? - Working on what is non negotiable in your life; 4. Manifest and visualise - Visualising your goal achievement and manifesting its abundance; 5. Your thoughts and managing them - The mind is the body's most powerful asset; 6. Do you know

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