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Purpose - What do we mean by PURPOSE?

The concept of “life purpose” is something that I find intriguing and somewhat annoying. The idea that we were each born for some higher purpose and it’s our responsibility to find it in our adult lives makes me feel a little perplexed. Are purpose and passion very different things? Being passionate about what I do energizes me and that energy confirms to me that this is what I should be doing. So, I ask this, is having passion important? Of course we all have a different take of what we feel is important and those important things give our lives meaning and happiness. I have done a lot of research into finding life's purpose and much of it relates to giving something back or doing something

Finding it difficult to let go? Do you want to let go of something? Feeling guilty?

Guilt is something that doesn't have to be over something you caused or you believe you caused, it can be a feeling that sits with you for no apparent reason or an obvious reason that you just can't get on top of. Looking at letting go of an internal voice in your head about something you think may or may not be true (as opposed to guilt associated with a particular act - we can look at this separately) is a huge step to becoming the true you. Do you have a thought in your head that you know is wrong but you just can't shift it? Do any of these sound familiar - You feel guilty about not making others happy; Others always do it better than you; Hard work doesn't pay off; I need to contr

Nurishing yourself - Mind, Body & Soul

Do you ever forget to care for yourself? We all do it at some stage in our lives - we are busy, we care too much for our kids to have time for ourselves, work gets in the way, we are just down right exhausted... When I talk about nourishing yourself I am talking about holistic self care - nourishment for you - in life, in health and in growth. You probably think you can't possibly find more time but as Zig Ziglar said "Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem, we all have 24 hour days". So, how do you get more nourishment into your life? - by adding small changes everyday to you your life. I'm not advocating starting an expensive gym membership or booking a retreat in Bali (you c

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