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Mind over matter - Your thoughts and managing them

Your mind is a very powerful tool. Your thoughts affect your perception of your world. Apparently, we all have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. But according to some research, as many as 98 percent of them are exactly the same as we had the day before and about 80 percent of our thoughts are negative. How can you expect different results if you have the same thoughts and keep feeling and doing the same action? Negative thoughts are particularly draining. Thoughts containing words like “never,” “should,” and “can’t” or complaints, whining or thoughts that diminish our own or another’s sense of self-worth are literally draining... a waste of energy. The good news is, if you can

Create your reality - Manifest and visualise

Imagine that you could create your reality! That you can get what you want! How good would that be? How would it change your life? The truth is that we all have the power to do this - just look at the choices you have made in your life to date, the decisions you have made and the beliefs you have about yourself... what have you got in your life that you manifested intentionally or un-intentionally or perhaps consciously or unconsciously? Interesting isn't it? Our thoughts inform our energy and our energy manifests into our experiences. The Law of Attraction at work. I am not a fluff and bubbles type of person or coach however I do believe very strongly about the Law of Attraction. As Wayne

Core Values - the beliefs that guide you

What makes you unique? What matters to you? What do you stand by? Taking time to clarify your core values and reflect, explore and define so that you can live your core values is what the focus of this 3rd session. Are you living your life using your values as a bench mark or are you projecting other peoples values onto your own life or perhaps they are projecting there values into your life? When you work out your core values you have potential to experience greater happiness when achieving a goal and indeed 'living' than if you are using other people values to live your life by. Let's get started. Reflect - Asking yourself some valuable questions and reflecting on yourself now and the v

Goal setting - kick that goal!

Goals are in our everyday life, we use goals to achieve everything - just saying 'tomorrow I'm going to get the groceries' is a goal. You wake up and decide on the time to go and where to go then you go and do your grocery shopping! When you get home you unpack the groceries and put them away - goal achieved! See that wasn't so hard... Setting goals in many areas of your life and re-visiting, changing them to suit the life you lead or want to lead and putting actions to the goal all assist you in reaching that goal. This is part 2 of our coaching year and will help you look at goal setting and help you create the goal or goals you want in your life right now. My belief is that we can all do

Let's kick 2018 off... Who are you? What is your life about?

After one week off to recharge, assess and plan the coming months I'm back. Let us start the new year with the basics of making your life an extraordinary one and the one you want to live. Follow my blog posts this year to discover who you really want to be and how to be that person. I have decided to give you a complete program over the next months. This program will give you the foundations for you to become your best self and your authentic self. So, let's kick 2018 off... Who are you? What is your life about? This is a big question and one that takes some time to discover. Over the years you may have lost sight of who you really are never mind what you really want. Firstly, lets look

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