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Why wait until 1st January to start a new years resolution?

We all do it, we all have very valid reasons to do it, we all take a deep breath and 'plunge' into the new behaviour with great excitement but ... why do we have to wait for 1st January? Statistics say that only 8% of people actually stick to their New Year's resolutions! That's only 8%... wow. Research has shown that health based resolutions fail miserably... why do we think this? Perhaps its because we make such HUGE resolutions. They may be unattainable, hard to track, impossible to sustain or just plain out of reach. I ask you ''Why do this to yourself?'' Life is about constant change. Developing and growing allows us to enrich ourselves and above all change signifies a ''light globe''

Using your strengths to get to your goals faster

We all have goals - some more iron-caste than others and some people really visualise and break them down into smaller daily goals so that they can achieve their larger goal over time. Setting goals is a whole subject which I will go into at another stage however aiming for goals which compliment your strengths is the way to go for greater achievement and levels of accomplishment. So, lets look at strengths. What are your's? Do you know? Have you ever thought about them? You probably use your strengths every day - kindness is what I would term my highest strength and I use it daily - nurture my son, respect my partner, look after our chickens, say thank you... sit down and work out yours -

The power of visualisation

It's a widely known fact that sports coaches use visualisation to bring a winning mental attitude to their team. I'm a great believer and I practice visualisation and writing them down and have done for years. In fact if you viewed an old journal or two of mine you will see that my dreams have indeed come true on many levels. To begin with let's start to paint a vivid picture of your life so you can start taking action to make it a reality - 1. Imagine your life in 3 years. Think about what you want to achieve in your personal life; 2. Take a few minutes and close your eyes and picture: What does your home look like? Who are you with? What kind of food do you eat? Where do you eat? What ki

You are work in progress - change happens

The past ten years and in particular the past 6 I’ve actively tried to become a better human, what I would call aiming to be the best version of myself, and I’ve changed a lot. Not only have my personal circumstances changed - oh yes just a bit after having a baby at 49! I've also worked hard at changing my thinking and thought processes and it's still work in progress. I have challenged myself to be more understanding, more open-minded, more driven, more motivated, more focused, less judgmental, less self sabotaging and less worried. Am I a work in progress??? YES Am I understanding that people may not like these changes? YES Am I attracting like minded people into my world? YES The right

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