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What can I offer you?

As I work through Blog ideas and my thoughts on my life to share with you I found myself wondering ''what does coaching offer?''. Without looking at definitions and theoretical explanations, in my words this is what I can offer you - - I am a guide. I believe that I am walking with you on the path of life. Imagine going for a long walk with a great friend and confidant. As you wander you discover and appreciate not only the beauty around you but discuss your life, your goals - some fulfilled and others not, your challenges and create 'how to'' ways to tackle those challenges; - I will show you that you have all of the answers. As a coach I will show you that you have the answers you seek. I

Self awareness

Last weekend I attended a coaching seminar/promotional event by the The Coaching Institute (TCI) - Great couple of days and a thank you to TCI, Matt Lavars and the team. I booked my place out of interest, to see how an alternate training institution to the one I completed my certification with has to offer and to network. Whilst my initial thoughts were that it would be a high sales pitch and little else I was SO wrong. Matt Lavars and the TCI team were welcoming, informative and knowledgable. One of the things I took from these 2 1/2 days was that we can't help anyone until we know how to help ourselves. How true this is. Self awareness is a journey and one that takes commitment from you. W

Are you scared to ask for advice?

I fall into this trap more often than I want to admit! I want to share some concerns and follow the ''a problem shared is a problem halved'' but something stops me ... I don't want to be seen as though I can't cope or that I am weak. I know I give off an aura of being in control and I like having that aura so reaching out to friends is hard for me. It's not just me because research shows that people are reluctant to ask for advice. We don't want to trouble people as they too have their own life's issues to go through, they may not have the answer and either way we feel that people will think less of us if we ask. In my past life in the corporate world if someone asked for advice I thought 'm

Building self confidence

Self confidence is something that can be eroded over time or just low at certain times... deeper issues are not the focus of Life Coaching however as a future focused practice we can work to boost and build your self confidence so that you can get closer to your goals. In bullet point form here is a 12 point check list to help you to boost your self confidence and take on whatever you want in life - 1 - Get dressed - Simple but nothing nicer than feeling fresh, showered, clean, hair washed and styled, pressed clothes and polished shoes. Doesn't need to be an expensive 3 piece suit. Wear it with pride, stand tall and own it! 2 - Change the image of yourself in your head - you may not see you

Am I doing things right? What will they think? - Try being your true self

Second guessing yourself can take its toll -do you sweat and worry that you are doing the right thing by everyone? When did you start having to be seen as 'doing what everyone else wants and expects?' or are you 'Being something you are not' .When did you stop being yourself? As Louise Hay has said ''the truth is: one of the things we struggle with the most in life is being true to ourselves'' Giving yourself permission to BE YOURSELF is the start. If you have been trying to please so many people for so long you will have to work on yourself so let's start here... We sometimes confuse making everyone else happy as being happy ourselves. On the surface this may feel true but scratch at the su

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